Madeleine skater skirt

The bohemian trend is invited this spring in our dressing room and gives pride of place to Sweden. Natural and mineral colors for a soft material very pleasant to wear. Available in dresses, skirts, jackets or high versions; Fluid suede is the essential of the season! We have prepared you a tutorial accessible to beginners to make a circle skirt that will run the heads.


Our new little Madeleine skirt is very simple to sew in just 1 hour and with little material. For less than 30 € at Saint Peter's coupons, you have all the supplies necessary for the seam of your project. The delicate points are the fixing of thermocollant, the seam of the invisible closure and the stitching of the belt, but our detailed tutorial will allow you to be out simply. You can adjust the length of the skirt to make a mini or maximum version to accentuate the bohemian look!





1. Fold in 4 your fabric.
Measure your waist tower and do the calculation to determine the length A of the diagram.
Calculation: a = size tower divided by 6.28
For example: our model makes a 34-36. Its waist is 74cm, which makes: 74 / 6.28 = 11.8cm
A is therefore equal to 11.8cm

2. Draw with pins or a pen sewing the curve at a distance A of the tip, as well as the rounding at the distance "A + 50cm" or the desired length.

3. Cut your fabric according to the two curves previously drawn.

4. Cut a belt strip according to the diagram in suede as well as thermocoling.

Creation of the belt

5. Heat up on the belt reveals the iron.

6. Speed ​​the place against the belt with the skirt, then sew 1cm from the edge.

7. Fold in two in height the belt and mark the height by making a small notch with the scissors.

8. Take your invisible closure and pin it over the opening up to the brand.

9. Set up the pressing foot for closing on your sewing machine.

10. Sew as close as possible to the teeth of the invisible closure over ten centimeter in height. Then do the same for the other side in parallel.

11. Check the fitting of your belt by closing your closure. If it's almost perfect, go to the next step!

12. Fold the belt in height place against the place, pin and sew along the teeth. Cut the closure excess in the corner and then turn your belt.

13. Check that your belt is positioned properly on the place. Once again, if it's almost perfect, go to the next step!

Assembly on the side of the skirt

14. Speed ​​up against the open side of your skirt under the invisible closure, then sew 1cm from the edge.

Realization of finishes

15. Fold your belt and pin along the seam to keep it in place, then sew 0.2cm from the assembly seam.

16. You can adjust the length of your skirt by cutting your fabric. Sweden does not hang on, so there is no need to hem! However, if your fabric is fucked up you must make a hem by folding twice 1cm.

Your skirt is ready to impress your friends!


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