The long, skewed lace skirt

The scalloped lace makes us crack in all season! Chic and elegant, lace allows you to customize pieces of your wardrobe but also to sew very beautiful creations with a real Whaouu effect!

To highlight the beautiful selection of scallop of the Saint Peter's coupons, we have prepared a simple and accessible tutorial for sewing a long skirt with a bohemian chic spirit. Our pleasure skirt is ideal for the summer season, but also for chic events and festive evenings. A ankle length that lengthens the silhouette with a beautiful pair of heel, a Lurex elastic belt for chic detail and a fancy basque with a hardened bottom. We love the bohemian effect of our long skirt accessible to beginners that you can make in less than 2 hours!





1. Cut a rectangle of 140cm x 75cm once in your lace and once in your lining. Then cut 140cm x 35cm twice in your scalloped lace.
These measurements will allow you to obtain a 105cm long skirt, but you can quite play on the lengths by reducing the first large 75cm high panel.

  Assembly of the sides of the skirt

2. Fold on the background and assemble the small side of the large rectangle of the skirt in your lace rectangle. Then assemble the two small rectangles by the sides. You can make a zigzag point in sewing margins.

3. Tip for sewing the lace: Decrease the length from the point to 1mm to take all the lace threads.

  Basque assembly in scalloped lace

4. Fold on the background and assemble the small side of the large rectangle of the lining skirt. You can make a zigzag point in the sewing margin.

5. Take care to cut with precision your scalloped lace in your lace Basque which will be the bottom of your skirt.

6. Make two sons of gathers along the other edge of your scolding Basque, then pull on the wires to assemble the bottom of your lace skirt, to your Basque. You can make a zigzag point in the sewing margin.

  Elastic assembly

7. Place the elastic band around your waist and cut it to the right dimension. Assemble the two ends on the background, then fold down each end and plate them with a seam so as not to be embarrassed by wearing the skirt.

8. Measure the elastic and place benchmarks using pins by dividing the belt into 4 equal parts.

9. Also divide the top of your skirt into 4 equal parts and place pins as benchmarks. Place your elastic, right -of -way place, on the top of your lace skirt, aligning the landmarks. Make a seam with a fine zigzag point.

  Lining assembly

10. Do the same with your lining skirt by lining up the landmarks and place your lining in the back of the elastic.

11. Turn your skirt over by placing the lining inside and try your skirt.

12. Make the hem of your lining by folding twice 1cm, then with a seam along the withdrawal. You can make the hem at the height you want for a mini-skirt effect which is revealed under the lace (length 50cm) or longer (length 75cm).
Your skirt is ready to impress your friends!


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