The opera dress

The pretty month of May is there and finally begins the wedding season and other summer ceremonies. There is still time to sew a special outfit that will have a lot of effect around you. This week, we invite you to make a chic dress, ideal for a bridesmaid outfit, an invitation to a baptism, a bachelor party and other events!


The opera dress is chic with its length which barely reveals your pumps, and highlights your graceful head port thanks to its American armholes. To give pep’s to the outfit, we associate the soft pink draged color with a very elegant black satin ribbon. Mixed to a pretty pocket, you are ready for a day on your 31! Chic but very simple to make, let yourself be guided to make your summer dress in less than 2 hours with the supplies of Saint Peter coupons.





1. Cut according to the diagram twice the form to the fold to obtain the front and back of your dress. You can change the length of the dress to get a dress above the knees or to the feet as we did.
For example, the diagram is planned for a size 38 and our model measures 1.64 m.
You can thus adapt the dimensions in width and length according to your size. Add 1cm to the width by additional size and adapt the length.

Creation of English seams

2. As it is a chic dress, we treat the finishes and make English seams to assemble the sides of the dress. To do this, pin against the sides and sew 0.5cm from the edge.

3. Cut the surplus 0.3cm from your seam.

4. Return your dress against the right, iron the seam and pin all along the sides.

5. Sew 1cm from the edge to close your English seam.

Realization of the hemings of the armholes

6. Fold up the first time 0.5cm then once again 0.5cm before sewing along the withdrawal to form the hem of the armholes.


7. To create the backstage in which the ribbon will pass, fold the first time 0.5cm then 3cm (depending on the width of your ribbon) and sew along the withdrawal.

8. Place a dinner pin on the end of the ribbon to help you insert it in the slide.

9. Pass the ribbon around the front of the front of the dress, then from the back of the dress, before cutting the ribbon and making a knot at the desired length.

10. Try your dress to judge the ideal length. Then make the hem by folding twice 1cm before sewing along the withdrawal.
Do not forget to belt your dress by cutting around 1.5m of ribbon and knotting it around your waist by making the top jack.
Your opera dress is ready for a chic evening!

Up to you ! The opera dress will be perfect in our satin pancakes in powdery colors but also in our printed viscoses and pancakes to shine this summer!

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