A reversible wax bag

The Wax fabric is still as trendy this season and allows you to add color to your daily life. As well used in decoration as in clothing or for accessories, the Wax never stops reinventing itself!

Practical and very nice to accessorize an outfit, this week we offer a tutorial to make a reversible wax bag in less than an hour! Very simple and fast for a modern result and which will accompany you on both the market, during your shopping or at the beach this summer!  Saint Peter's coupons offer all the supplies necessary to get started. Accessible to beginner seamstresses, the reversible bag is a nice project to understand curved seams and train on a simple project.

Have fun with the patterns and choose two coupons of Wax that flashed!



1- Create your pattern in a cardboard sheet from the diagram below.

2- Cut the bag on the fold twice in your two wax coupons.

3- Pin a place against the basis of your two parts of the outdoor bag on the sides and the bottom.

4- Sew 1cm from the edge on the sides and the bottom of the bag.

5- Proceed in the same way with the fabric of your inner bag, taking care to leave an opening of 10cm on one of the sides of your bag.

6- Fold the corners of the bottom of your bag thus formed, measure perpendicular 12cm and mark benchmarks

7- Seam along your bearings.

8- Cut the surplus 1cm from your seam.

9. PROCE IN THE SAME WITHING to form your inner bag.

10- Slide the interior bag in the bag outer place against the place.

11- Pin along the handles all the top of your bag by aligning the seams on the sides of the two bags.

12- Seam 1cm from the edge all over the top of your bag.

13. Discuss the angles of your tips by cutting the excess of fabric as in the photo. Then notch the curves of your bag by making Small slots in the sewing margin every 1cm stopping at a millimeter of the seam.

14- Return everything thanks to the opening left on one of the sides of the inner bag.

15- Make a hand seam to close the opening left. Then iron the bags of the bag.

16- Tie the handles between them and your bag is finished!


Your bag is completely reversible so do not hesitate to change it aside to match with your outfit and mislead a very simple look!

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