We customize his sweaters with Calais lace

Winter is well installed and the cold is present these days, so we decided to reveal a DIY to customize your seasonal sweaters. You're going to be hot, but with a trendy style and even a sexy touch!


Calais lace is in the spotlight to enhance the stitch. Mythical lace for 200 years, the "Calais lace" label guarantees the excellence of traditional lace, woven in France and remarkable solidity, it sews without worries.

Customization is accessible to everyone with a hand sewing version, and the other to the machine according to your desires and the sweater you want to customize. In an hour and a few supplies Saint Peter's coupons, you will transform your basic sweaters into a centerpiece of your wardrobe!

The customization of the sleeves of the sweater


The REAlization

  1. Measure the length of the sleeve of your sweater
  2. Cut two strips of lace ribbon length of your sleeves + 5 centimeters
  3. Pin the first ribbon along your round, with a centimeter with a centimeter on the top, and 4cm on the bottom of your sleeve

4. Handing by hand along your lace ribbon following the festoons. Be careful to fix well in the shoulders and at the bottom of your sleeve.

5. Do the same operation for the other round.

6. Congratulations! Your sweater is now ultra trendy!


The customization of the bottom of your sweater


The REAlization

  1. Measure the width of your sweater
  2. Cut a strip of the width of your sweater +2cm if the bottom of your sweater is classic; If it is open to the sides, cut two bands of half the total width +2cm

3. pin the lace ribbon so that part of the lace covers the sweater and the other exceeds to play on transparency and festoons.

4. Sew the strip on the top of the lace ribbon by following the lace lines.

5. If your sweater is open to the sides, with a centimeter withdrawn inside the sweater and fix with a seam on the side.

6. You can proudly wear your trendy sweater!

Play with the materials and the finesse of the lace to customize your wardrobe!

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