An easy top in Chambray

We are already starting to think of the beautiful spring days with the new collection of striped, flowery and united chambray Saint Peter's coupons. This fine and resistant fabric composed of cotton makes it possible to make many light clothes such as shirts, dresses, tops for the whole family.


The Chambray is a wire-me-by-Fil fabric, with an often indigo-colored chain and a white frame, 100% cotton lighter than the jeans which it sometimes approaches color.
We invite you to prepare for spring now with a new tutorial adapted to beginners which requires little equipment. A square shape very easy to sew and the little tip of a belt to feminize the silhouette!
An ultra simple top in less than an hour is possible! Are you ready to take up the challenge?



  1. Cut two squares of fabric 65cm side.

2. Assemble the right place on the top, 15cm on each side to form the shoulders. Then on the sides, sew from 25cm from the top to the bottom. If you wish, surfing the seams with a zigzag point to prevent the fabric from getting tos.

3. Form the hems by folding once 0.5cm then still 0.5cm and sew 0.2cm from the edge of the withdrawal, for the neck, the armholes and the bottom of the top.

4. Belt the top with a ribbon or sew a fabric ribbon to tie it. For this, you can:
- Cut a strip of 140cm x 10cm
- fold the strip into two places against the place lengthwise
- Sew 1cm on the 3 sides open, leaving an opening of 5cm
- Turn the ribbon over the opening
- iron the ribbon and close the opening by a seam point by hand

Strongly spring to be able to wear our light tops in Chambray!


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