The Duvernet sheep vest

The cold is installed everywhere and to warm up this fall we have prepared a tutorial for beginners who want to warm up by the fire. Sweden will be your best ally for a winter and trendy look!


We have concocted for the occasion an easy and quick tutorial to sew a small double -sided double -sided foaming vest. Discover the selection of Suede filled of the Saint Peter coupons With sheep or thinner and very soft fake fur, 3 meters at 45 €. Follow the steps and in less than 1 hour you can proudly put on your new vest which will keep you warm, ideal to wear with a large sweater or on a jacket. Let yourself be guided, and make way for sewing!




 Create your cardigan pattern

1. Select a t-shirt or a jacket to your size and fold it in half to reveal the half-dos. Place a pattern sheet below and draw the outline of your t-shirt as on the diagram, adding 2cm of margin including 1cm for ease and 1cm for sewing margin on the sides and shoulders.

2. To create the two leaders of your vest pattern, do the same thing as for the back and modify the front according to the diagram by adding 15cm wide on the front and make a rounded up to the bottom of the front.

3. You have obtained your two back and in front of the basis that you will serve as a basis to redo this vest endlessly!

4. Place these two pieces of patterns on your fabric previously folded in half and cut around. You get a piece back to the fold and two pieces in front.


 Assemble your vest

5. Place your rooms against the place, pinning the shoulders and sides, then make a seam at 1cm. Suede double fur does not pose any difficulty for seam, just extend your point to 2.5 or 3mm by helping the fabric to pass under the machine and your seam will be successful!

6. Double Fur Suede does not get down, it is not necessary to overcome, you can simply open your seams.

7. And there you go! Your sleeveless vest is already over and it will keep you warm this winter!


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