Tutorial: skater skirt

Discover the folding skirt in an ultra trendy velvet version. The pattern is accessible to intermediate seamstresses and available from size 36 to 44. We fall for the asymmetrical fold, the trapezoid shape and the pretty discreet pockets on the front of the skirt!




Find all the detailed explanations on the boss of the skirt and a summary below to help you during the making.

 Cutting and assembly of pockets

Cut the boss of the skirt according to your size by taking into account the measurement table, without adding a margin because a seam margin of 1cm is included for all the parts of the pattern.

Make the back pliers of the skirt, then surf the sides of the back and in front skirt.

1. Take the front of the skirt and cut according to the mark of benchmark A to benchmark B.

2. Pin back place against the two pocket backgrounds on both sides of the slit and make a seam 1cm from the slit. Open the seam on the iron and turn the pockets on the back. To help you return, you can make a small notch by cutting from the bottom of the slit to the seam of the bottom of your pocket.

3. Make a seam all around the pocket to close it, then surf the seam.

4. Fold the pliers in the continuity of the pocket and make a seam on 2.5cm on the top of the pocket, and up to 7cm at the bottom of the pocket (depending on the mark of the pattern). Then make a bumblebee point on the place in the pocket at the top and bottom of the opening to consolidate it.

Mark the fold on the front on the left side by following the landmarks of the boss, then consolidate with a bumblebee point 11cm from the top of the skirt.


 Assembly of sides and invisible closure

5. pin the invisible lighting closure on the side of the skirt in front.

6. Assemble the other side of the closing light on the back of the skirt and check that the top is well aligned.

7. Close the bottom of the skirt under the closure lights 1cm from the edge.

8. Make a seam to close the other side of the skirt.

 Bef assembly and finishes

9. Place the front belt and the back belt against the place and sew one of the two small sides.

10. Assemble the two previously formed belts. You can put a decorative bias on one of the long free side of the belt or simply surfing the edge of your fabric. Speed ​​the corners and turn your belt over.

11. Position your belt against the place on your skirt and pin very regularly, then make a seam.

12. One of the parts of the back belt is longer so that you can sew a staple or invisible pressure there to close your belt.

You just have to make the hem of your skirt and you are ready for fall!

The boss test

The folding skirt is chic is well cut to get a pretty high -waisted skirt with discreet pockets. The Patron Modes & Works includes patronage as well as detailed explanations to make your skirt in sizes 36 to 44!

Slightly asymmetrical with its fold on the left side only, this original skirt is accessible to the intermediate seamstresses which have already laid an invisible light closure and wish to make a beautiful room. The assembly of pockets is clever for a female result is discreet. The length of the skirt is a knee length, but you can easily lengthen or shorten it according to your desires and your morphology.

Ideal to make in ribbed velvet, this pretty skirt will also be perfect in suede, light wool or end jeans according to your desires!

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