We offer you a modes & works pattern

The fall is there but before the temperatures descend more, the Saint Peter coupons offer you the boss of the top modes & work! A nice trendy and modern top with neat and female details. An ideal basic to slide under a blazer for work but which will also be very elegant in the evening or on jeans on weekends.


To reveal the top boss to you that we offer you, we decided to test the boss in preview! You discover the top chic in a version in oil -colored embodiment with a contrasting gold bias and its pretty buttons. The pattern is accessible to intermediate seamstresses from size 36 to 48, requiring little supplies for a very nice rendering! We fall for the small golden pimples and ultra trendy balloon sleeves!

Take advantage of the boss of the top modes & works free on The coupons of Saint Pierre.fr. The offer is valid for any order and without minimum purchase of the October 11 to 14, 2018 with code BOSS.




Find all the detailed explanations on the top pattern and a summary below to help you during the making.

 Cutting and assembly of the boss

Cut the top boss according to your size by taking into account the table of measurements.
Follow the boss's explanations by adding the sewing margins before cutting the parts into your fabric.

You can choose to create the drop of water in the upper back following the instructions of the pattern with a little meticulousness and patience you will get a nice very feminine result.

The contrasting satin bias is truly the chic detail of the top. Spin and sew on horseback on the place in the middle of the room in front.

Make the chest pliers, then assemble the shoulders and sides of the pieces in front of English seam for perfect finishes.

Spin and prick the bias all along the neck, then form a small pliers on the back of the bias at the level of the neck.

 Top sleeves

1. Facing the sleeves using sons of gathers, respecting the notch of the boss on the top of the armhole and the bottom of the English Channel. Close the sleeve, sewing the small side place against the place.

2. You can choose to sew the handle band in the top fabric or in contrasting biases. To do this, cut out the bias at the same length as the band on the pattern. Spin and sew the bias to form the circle.

3. Eping the open bias on the back of the English Channel.

4. Return to the place, pin and sew on the bias to finish the bottom of the sleeves.
You can now pin and sew your sleeves to your top while respecting the landmarks of the boss.

All you have to do is sew the hem of your blouse and the small pimples! You can sew the button on the back and the 5 buttons on the front by spacing them by about 3cm.

Your top chic is over!

The boss test

The top is chic with pretty female details but it remains accessible to beginner seamstresses who want to launch a small challenge and progress in sewing. The Patron Modes & Works includes patronage as well as detailed explanations to make your top in sizes 36 to 48!

A nice drop in the back, small ball sleeves and a V neckline with small golden buttons ... The pattern has all the elements of a modern top and tendency to wear under a jacket in the office or on a more casual look on weekends Depending on the fabric you choose.

Have fun playing with colors or patterns on the fabric and bias to bring your personal touch to the top!

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