The Bagatelle swimsuit

Summer is at our feet and it's time to prepare for the holidays. We start to think of our beach outfits but also of the flagship piece of our summer, the swimsuit! A room or two rooms, simple or more fantasy, the swimsuit is not so complicated to sew, even by following some good tips.


We have prepared you for the occasion a simple and accessible tutorial to design your swimsuit a tailor-made piece this summer! The swimsuit A piece adapts to all morphologies and with its pretty steering wheel, our Bagatelle model will highlight your chest with elegance. Let yourself be guided by our detailed tutorial and with a little equipment Saint Peter coupons, in less than 2 hours you will be ready for the beach!
Mix the colors or even the prints to be ultra trendy this summer!

Before we start sewing your swimsuit, we have listed all the advice you will need to tackle the specifics of the swimsuit.

Our advice for sewing the bailiness knit

  • For sewing, select the stretch or elastic point from your sewing machine that looks like a little flash so that your sewing is not cracking
  • Use extrafine pins or small plastic pliers to delight your swimsuit mesh and thus avoid forming holes that will mark on the fabric
  • Use a fairly fine jersey or stretch needle (70 to 80 maximum) so as not to pour the fabric
  • Choose a coil of more resistant polyester wire than cotton
  • The lining can be made in the same swimsuit fabric
  • To iron your swimsuit mesh Select the low temperature or "synthetic" position
  • Choose an elasticy 5mm wide to make the finishes
  • If you want to surprise your seams, choose the zigzag point that will bring a nice decoration to the model while being elastic
  • Do not hesitate to make a first swimsuit like a canvas to validate that the pattern corresponds to your morphology and test the delicate seam of the bailiness bail

Place at the seam of the Bagatelle jersey




 1. Select a panties to your waist, fold it in half in the direction of width and decal the front and back on a sheet to create your boss.

2. Please note, you will have to take out your calculator and perform some small calculations to get your 100% tailor-made swimsuit pattern!
Take your measurements: chest, waist tower, hip tower and height above the chest to the hips. Then perform the following calculations and place the measurements on the jersey scheme:
X = (chest tower / 4) -5% + 1cm
Y = (size tower / 4) -5% + 1cm
Z = (hip tower / 4) -5% + 1cm
A = height above the chest to the hip + 4cm
To better understand our calculations, we must decrease by 5% to take into account the elasticity of the fabric and add a centimeter for sewing margins.
For example: for a chest of 93, a size of 74, a 100cm hip tower and a 34cm bust height. You obtain :
X = (93/4) - 5% + 1 = 23 cm
Y = (74/4) -5% + 1 = 18.5 cm
Z = (100/4) -5% +1 = 24.7 cm
A = 34 + 4 = 38 cm
Cut the shape of your panty in front by adding the shape of your bust twice as the diagram indicates. Do the same for the back of your panties by adding the shape of your bust, also in doubles.

3. You get for the bust, 2 in front and 2 backs to the fold.

4. Cut your steering wheel 18cm high by 140cm wide in your contrasting fabric.

Jersey assembly

 5. Pin out the backpack and the front of your jersey and sew the sides as well as the bottom of the crotch.

6. Place a special jersey or stretch fabric on your sewing machine.

7. Adjust the stretch point in length approximately 1.5 and of fine zigzag width. Then sew at the stretch point 0.5cm from the edge. Do the same a second time with the lining.

8. Position against the jersey and its lining and assemble at the stretch point at the level of the two openings for the thighs.

13. Adjust the zigzag point of length about 2 and width wider.

14. Take your time without shooting the fabric, and fold your elastic on the back to make the zigzag point along the edge.

15. You get a nice finishes on your thighs.

16. Assemble the jersey and its lining at the stretch point at the top of the jersey.

The wheel

 17. Assemble the place against the small side of the steering wheel. Then carry out gathers on the top of the steering wheel by sewing two lines parallel to 0.5cm apart by widening the point to the maximum and without making a stop point. Then shoot the wires to adjust the width of the steering wheel according to your chest width.

18. Sew the zigzag point of the jersey against the steering wheel at 0.5cm from the top.

19. On the place of the jersey and under the steering wheel, sew the elastic at the zigzag point on the seam margin of the steering wheel by pulling slightly on the elastic so that the swimsuit holds in place.

20. Your maintenance elastic is thus hidden under the steering wheel and it is not necessary to make a hem for the steering wheel because the swimsuit fabric does not hang.
You can quickly put on your jersey and you are ready for the beach!

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