Reversible pouch tutorial


To make these pretty reversible pochon, you need: 

  • Flower printed cotton coupon
  • Uni cotton coupon
  • Cord
  • Labels
  • Ruler
  • pen
  • pins
  • sewing thread
  • scissors
  • safety pin

Preparation :

For each pouch, cut 2 rectangles in the flowery fabric, 2 in the identical united fabric, in the size of your choice (here the largest pouch is in A3 format, the 2nd A4 etc ...) to vary the pleasures use the Sometimes also united fabric in outdoor fabric (with a sewed label)

Stage : 

1. Whatever the size of your pouch, mark the top of the 2 sides of the coupons of the outer fabric at 3 and 5 cm (at this place will be the future slide)

2. On an outdoor coupon, pin a label in the center 6 cm from the bottom.


3. Sew your label right to the right point with a thread on a machine tone.



4. Spin and sew the outdoor fabrics in the place on the sides and the bottom, leaving the openings of the backstage marked in step 1


5. Get this and get off the bottom corners using scissors.


6. Do the same with the interior fabrics, leaving an opening on the bottom to return later.

7. Spread the 2 pockets obtained place on sewing place 5 mm from edge to the right point.


8. Go back to the place, including the opening left Step 6

9. Fit, pin the top together.


10. Sew 2mm from the edge to the right point. Your fabrics will remain in place and thus close the opening of step 6.

11. Then sew the slide at the right point 2.5 cm from the top of the pochon then to 4.5 cm (opening of the slide left free in step 4)

12.  Using a safety pin, pass the cord in the slide, go around and come out with the same hole. Let pass about 15 cm of cord exceed each end. Cut


13. Do the same by passing a cord on the other side through the other hole, go around, cut, tie the ends


And here you are finished !! Do not hesitate to mention @lecouonsdesaintpierre on Instagram and with the #lesouponsdesaintpierre




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