A top jasmine with ruffles in English embroidery

We prepare for summer today with the return of English embroidery. Chic and relaxed, this openwork cotton and embroidered with flowers or graphic patterns goes perfectly with a summer wardrobe.


This season, the English embroidery is once again to the point of the bohemian trend and Saint Peter's coupons offer you a wide range of patterns for your summer outfits. To get started in sewing, we have prepared the Top Jasmine tutorial to you, a small simple top and accessible to beginners to sew your little ruffled top in English embroidery. You will learn how to create your basic boss from a business t-shirt to your size, create a steering wheel and frown it, and put a neck bias for perfect finishes! Let yourself be guided and create your top in less than 2 hours!




 Create your top boss

1. Select a t-shirt to your size and fold it in half on your fabric previously folded in half, right place.
For the back, using a tailoring chalk draw the outline of your pattern, leaving 1cm of more sewing margin. For the shoulders, add 6cm from the shoulder line and go down down the sleeve.

2. For the front, fold your t-shirt in half on your fabric previously folded in half and draw the outline of your t-shirt by adding 1cm of sewing margin everywhere. Then dig the collar by making a curve from the top of the neckline to the center of your t-shirt with a height of 12cm, as shown on the diagram to create a deeper round neck. You can adapt the depth of your neckline according to your desires.

 Assembly of flyers

3. Cut your two boss's parts according to your landmarks to obtain a piece in front and a back room. Then measure from the middle of the shoulder to the bottom of your top at a distance of 16cm from the center of your top. In our example, the length measures 66cm.

4. Take your measurement of 66cm and multiply it by 1.3 to obtain the length in the fold of your ruffles.
For example, 66 x 1.5 = 85cm. Then cut out your two steering wheel strips at 85cm in the fold (85 × 2 = 170cm long) and a width of 10cm.
To finish the edge of your steering wheel, you can cut carefully on the edge of the shape of your English embroidery to form small festoons.
You can also make a fine hem or make a hem overwhelm with the overhead if you have one.

5. For your steering wheel to be too wide at the bottom, cut diagonally as in the photo the ends of your ruffles to finish with a width of 1.5cm.

6. Superimpose the front and back of your top, pin the shoulders and make a seam at 1cm. You can surfing if you have an overhead or sew the edge of your fabric at the zigzag point to prevent the fabric from getting tos.

7. Pick two sons from the edge of your two ruffles, then delicately pull the son to frown your ruffles.

8. Open your top on the place, then fold it in half in the width. Place your steering wheel on your top, a counter place at 16cm from the world's middle. Spread the middle of the steering wheel at the shoulder seam, then distribute the gathers all along the front and back by stopping your steering wheel 5cm from the bottom of your top. Make a seam 1cm from the edge of your steering wheel to keep it on the top.

9. Fold the steering wheel to the place (towards the side of your top) and make a 0.2cm bite along the previous steering wheel sewing. Do the same with the second steering wheel.

 Top assembly

10. Position Place against your top, pin the sides from the armholes to the bottom of the top (leave 20cm for the opening of the arms), then make a seam 1cm from the edge and surfile.

11. Carry out the hems of the armholes and the bottom of your top.

 Decolor finishes and bias

12. Place your bias on the place of your top, and pin them along the neck.

13. Take a benchmark to close the bias, unfold the bias and make a straight seam. Then open the seam and fold the bias so closed.

14. Make a seam in the center of the bias between the two withdrawals.

15. Show the excess sewing 0.3cm from your assembly seam of the bias.

16. Fold on the over the back of your fabric, pin and make a seam along your bias withdrawal.

Your TOP in English embroidery with a trendy steering wheel is ready to impress your friends!