Tuked skirt quilted

Quilted skirt

Hello couponettes!
Today we offer you a tutorial to sew a pretty quilted skirt with a zip on the side, you can adapt the length to your convenience, this is the essential for this fall! ! This tutorial requires 1.50 cm of fabric, we have chosen a double black quilted gauze with golden confetti.

Supplies :
● 1.5 m of double gauze matte black matte confetti gilded
● scissors
● Zipper
● Coil matching your fabric
● Pin
● Chalk
● Sewing machine
● A meter

Steps :
Make the boss

1. You will create your skirt pattern according to your size and the desired length. Fold your fabric in half in the direction of the Laize, draw with pins or a tailor chalk, the dimensions of your skirt according to the diagram.
Your waist will allow you to define the width of your skirt: size tower /4 = width of your skirt on the pattern. We chose a skirt 80cm high.

Quilted skirtQuilted skirt

Expand the bottom of your skirt by adding 15cm to your waist; You can also enlarge the trapeze shape if you wish. Once this shape has been drawn, add the seam margins of 1cm all around and 3 cm for the hem at the bottom of the skirt and cut.
2. Once your in front of skirts cut out from the fabric, place it on your fabric folded in half to cut the same shape.

Quilted skirt

Quilted skirt
3- Draw and cut the panels of the skirt by taking up the top of the skirt on 8cm high. You get 2 rooms for the skirt and 2
Parts for facing. If your fabric is too fluid, you can cut a strip of thermocollants for your two facial parts and heat -make them to ensure better rendering.
Quilted skirt
4- Assemble place against the left side of your 2

 Quilted skirt

Pose of closure:

5- Take your closure and pin the top of your skirt there. Set up the pressing foot for closing on your sewing machine. Sew as close as possible from the teeth of the invisible closure over fifteen centimeters high.

 Quilted skirtQuilted skirtQuilted skirt

Skirt assembly:

6- You will assemble the sides of your skirt, pin the two sides of the skirt on the place, then sew 1cm from the edge.

Quilted skirt

7- Assemble the facing your skirt, pinning along your size. Be careful to align the side seam of your facing and your skirt. Sew 1 cm all along the size of your skirt, as well as on the sides of your invisible closure.

Quilted skirt

Quilted skirt
8. Return your skirt and check if your facing does not bother the opening of your invisible closure.

9. Make the hem of your skirt, withdrawing once 1 cm then 2 cm and sewing along the withdrawal.
Quilted skirt
Well done ! You have managed to make a padded skirt! Do not hesitate to mention on Instagram @lecouonsdesaintpierre #lesouponsdesaintpierre !! THANKS


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