My egg sewing box

Today we share a fun, fast tip for you! Often we don't know what to do with our egg boxes, apart from recycling them, few options are available to you? Well today we will teach you how to make an original sewing box thanks to a simple box of 6 eggs.

Stationery :

Step 1: Cut your pieces:

  • To cut all your songs I invite you to follow the indications of the diagram below.


  • Cut a large printed cotton rectangle, then a small felt rectangle.

  • Cut 6 circles in felt and 6 very small felt rounds.
  • Cut the shape of the owl. Besides, we have chosen an owl but you can choose any animal.

Step 2: Sew your pieces:

  • Start by sewing the small yellow felt circles on the largest white felt circles (this should look like an egg on the dish).

  • Hit on the 4 sides of the printed cotton so that the rectangle is clean.
  • Then assemble, place against the place, the two fabrics that will form the owl and insert the synthetic padding.

Step 3: Paste your elements:

  • Now you have to stick all the elements, which you have just assembled, inside your egg box.

Step 4: Finishes:

  • For this last step, add a small pair of scissors, a large button, pins on your owl pins door, a coil of wires and a tape meter in order to fill your (eggs) couture box well!

I find that this tutorial is perfect if your child wants to put himself in the seam and have his own personalized sewing box. If you realize this tutorial do not hesitate to share it on social networks with the hashtag #lesouponsdesaintpierre!




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