My zipped jeans skirt

We finish this week with a slightly advanced tutorial that remains easy. Today we invite you to make a zipped jeans skirt in super trendy and pass everywhere. You can also make this skirt in the material you want: imitation leather, ribbed velvet or in a woolen. If you are ready then let's go!

Stationery :


Step 1: Draw your patterns:

  • Draw your boss by adapting the diagram below.


  • You will need to personalize the measurements of the model for several points: length, flare and size.
  • From the size line draw the belt.
  • At the end of this stage, you should end up with 2 lead, 2 backs, 2 belts.

Step 2: Cut your pieces:

  • The straight line of the boss corresponds to the middle in front and the middle back. So start by folding your fabric in half and position the boss's straight line on this fold.
  • Once cut, you get the front of the skirt (open on the fabric fold, so you will get 2 panels for the front), start again to get the back.
  • For your belt cut using the same principle.

Step 3: Assemble your skirt:

  • Start by assembling the place against the line of your middle back. Make a straight seam 1cm from the edge.

  • Then assemble the front of the deputy on the front and the back by the seams on the side. Make a straight seam 1cm from the edge.

  • Then go up the back belt with the belt in front.
  • Then assemble the belt with the top of the skirt, thanks to a straight seam 1cm from the edge.

  • Then put your zipper on the front of the skirt (the start of the zip must be in the middle of the height of the belt), and fix it with a straight seam.

Step 4: Finishes:

  • Fold half the belt in the inside of the skirt and hold it by hand points.
  • For the hem, fold it and make a discreet seam, by hand, to fix it.

And here you have a pretty quick and easy to do skirt there. Besides, we have done it in jeans but you can also make it in imitation leather as presented a little lower. If this tutorial you have more, and you plan to reproduce it, do not hesitate to show it to us on social networks with the hashtag #lesouponsdesaintpierre!


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