A bohemian headband

Headbands dress our hair and bring a touch of originality to our hairstyles in a very trendy bohemian style. Ideal to make in the falls of your dresses or your blouse and accessorize your outfit at a lower cost and in less than 30 minutes of seam!

You may have already thought about it but you haven't taken the plunge yet? The headband is the seasonal accessory to assert its Boho look! We embark on a tutorial to show you in a few steps how to tame the headband in microfibers with flowered and colorful prints of Saint Peter's coupons who marry all styles!
A very chic result accessible to beginner seamstresses who want to embark on a quick and easy creation.
Find us in the show It's on the program With Sophie Davant on France2, Wednesday January 31 to discuss our pretty headbands.



  1. Cut two fabric rectangles of 30 x 57cm and a small rectangle of 15cm x 8cm
  2. Fold in half in the length of your three rectangles of fabrics against the place.
  3. Sew along the large sides of the three rectangles 1cm from the edge.

4. Turn your three fabric tubes back to the place.
5. Take the small fabric tube, and insert the elastic, then seam 1cm from the edge along the small side to assemble the elastic inside the small tube.
6. Do the same for the other side of the elastic by folding the fabric to adjust the length of the small tube.
7. Arrange the two large cross tubes.
8. Fold one of the sides on the other end so that they meet.

9. Then do the same with the other tube by joining the ends.

10. pin the two ends of the tube, inserting between the two ends, the elastic previously sewn. Do the same with the ends of the other tube, not forgetting to insert the elastic in the center.

11. Fold in three the width of the end and sew the sewing margin to reduce the width of the end.

12. Return everything and your headband is ready to be worn!

Perfect for accessorizing an outfit, you can sew your headband according to the opportunities in our many Print microfibers and pancakes The 3 meters at 15 €! Have fun with patterns and colors!

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C’est un très joli bandeau pour les cheveux, j’aime beaucoup la forme et le tissu utilisé.

Sonia August 21, 2023

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