Tutorial: Sew a quilted jacket patchwork short round with a homemade pattern

Hello couponettes! 

Today we offer you a tutorial to sew a sleeveless padded jacket in patchwork, if you want to see the full tutorial on Youtube here is the link : HERE

This is the big trend of the moment we see it everywhere !! Here are some inspirations: 



1. Creation of the fabric in patchwork

Cut different squares and rectangles from various patterns.

Make the patchwork by placing your squares harmoniously 
2.  Patchwork assembly
Assemble your squares against the place
Then assemble your bands together, always a place against the place 
Iron your fabric and flatten your seams well
3. Creation of the boss
Take a t-shirt to your size, fold it in 2 then trace your outline by taking 3-4cm of seam margin, do the same for the front and back. 
To the front rounded by cutting a triangle 
4. Cutting the boss in the different fabrics 
Cut the back to the fold, and the 2 lead in both directions
Cut into fleece and cotton veil 
Superimpose your 3 layers together then pin on the sides
5. The mattress 
Draw your mattress diagonally all 10 cm then go to the machine with a right point 
Turn off the corners to have something cleaner 
6. Assembly of the jacket 
We start by assembling the shoulders, pining the place against the place and sewing at 1cm, you can also overwhelm
Then assemble the 2 sides to 1cm
7. Pose of bias
Place the bias on the whole tour of the vest with the place against the place as below 
Send then fold your bias and seam 
Do the same for the armhole 
Well done ! You have made a padded jacket in patchwork, do not hesitate to share your creations on Instagram with the #Lesouponsdesaintpierre! And tell us what you think of this jacket :) 
And here is the tutorial link on Youtube 
See you soon! 

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