Tutorial: scrub


Hello couponettes! We offer you a tutorial to make a scrown pants below :)

Level ★★☆

Duration: 3h equipment

100% linen fabric

Matching thread


Aiguille 80

Safety pin

Flat elastic 4 cm wide (length = waist tour + 2 cm)

Basic equipment : pair of chisel, tape meter, rules, erasable pen ...

Sewing machine


For this tutorial you can cut your lead and back parts from elastic size pants that suits you well. If you wish you can also use a pants pattern like the Anna Allen Clothing Pomona Pants (or any other elastic size pants with a straight cut).

Making step

Cutting parts

Fold your pants against the right down by identifying the fork seam and aligning the seams on the sides. Draw the outline by adding 1 cm of sewing value all around.

To create the festoons on the bottom of the pants, help yourself with a circle-shaped template. Here. A candle of diameter 8cm. Arrange the template so that half a circle can create the festoon. Trace the outline and repeat all along

To trace the top of the pants, add 5 cm to the height of the waist to be able to make the slide of the belt. Cut your pieces

In order to make pretty festons, we are going to create two facilities for each leg. Arrange the bottom of your pants on a lined fabric fall with a height of about 10 cm, trace the festoons. Cut the two facilities.

Thermocolling the facilities, re-cutting the excess of thermocol.

Pants assembly

Assemble the FORCTS TOVANTS CONTROL PLACE 1 cm from the edge and then overwhelm the seam value. Do the same for the back.


Assemble the sides of the pants against the place. Assemble the crotch place against the place. Overward the seam values ​​and iron well

Assemble the small sides of the facilities. Overjection and iron.


Mark a 1 cm return to iron on the edge of the waist. Fold the belt against the right back by checking the height of 4 cm. Sew all around 1 mm from the fold (pants side) leaving an opening of about 8 cm to be able to insert the elastic. 

Cut the elastic in your waist by leaving 2 cm of sewing value. Insert the elastic in size using a safety pin. Attach the two ends of the elastic by a zigzag point. Try your pants and adjust if necessary. Close the opening to the right point.


Place the somerships against the bottom of the leg, aligning the festoons. Draw the tips of the festoons to help you under the machine. Sew all the festoons 1 cm from the edge. You can decrease the point length to gain precision. Show the seam values ​​of the festoons, notch at the end of the tips. You can have a glue point at them to avoid the blurring.

Return each facing against the back of the pants. Iron well. Set the facilities using an invisible hand point.


Well done ! You have made a screaming pants do not hesitate to share your creation with the #lesouponsdesaintpierre 

See you soon 

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