Tutorial: Puffy sleeve sweater with the iris mesh (youtube)

Hello couponettes!

Today we offer you a tutorial to sew a nice chimney collar sweater with puffy, timeless and chic sleeves it is the sewing sweater for this fall! This tutorial requires 1m 50 of fabric, we have chosen a Blue iris mesh.



1. Cutting the boss

Decalle the boss using your tissue paper, the sizes are indicated on the boss's booklet, choose the collar that suits you, for my part I chose the chemin pass.

Cut the boss once the lines have been traced, you need to get 4 pieces

2. Cutting the fabric

Cut the fabric to the fold for the front, the back of the sweater, and the collar, then cut the sleeves. Don't forget to mark the fittings

3. Assembly

Place the front place on the front and the back of your sweater, pin the share of the shoulders, make a straight point at 1cm.

4. Mount the neckline

Fold it in two in the height by aligning the two small sides together, sting at 1cm at the right point

5. Collar assembly

We then have a collar in a circle, fold it in half a bit against, align your landmarks of the pass against the place of the sweater. Pin


6. Front and mount the sleeves

Make two sons of fronze on the top of the maches, then shoot slightly on one of the two ends to form the gathers

Open the sweater in half, then place your handle against the sweater, align the middle of the two parts, pin all along.

Sew 1cm from the edge

7. Close the sleeve underside

Place the sweater upside down, we will assemble the underside of the sleeves as well as the sides of the sweater

8. The hems

Marked an entry of 1.5cm and stung all along the bottom of the sweater and the 2 sleeves.


Cheer ! You have managed to make a collar sweater with puffy sleeves! It will be your best friend of the fall :) Do not hesitate to mention us on Instagram with the #lesouponsdesaintpierre and @lesouponsdesaintpierre

There is a explanatory video Complete on Youtube, on our channel Lescouonsdesaintpierre .

See you soon :)))


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