A blouse in Basque Belleville

We are already starting to prepare the beautiful season here! This week, we are offering you a new blouse tutorial in Basque and an ultra feminine cross collar! Ideal for reconnecting with lighter curls, get started to sew the Belleville blouse!


Viscose is the perfect ally for a creation with a fluid fall and ample cut. Discover Our woven viscose collection Ideal for this pretty boss. The Belleville blouse is a simple tutorial and accessible to beginners following the few stages of its photo making. Few equipment is necessary and you leave a trade t-shirt to create your pretty Basque blouse. Have fun lengthening your Basque to create a little dress! Learn to sew a facing and create a sleeve bracelet for a nice setback. Let yourself be guided to make your Basque blouse very easily in 2 hours!



Create your top boss

1. Select a t-shirt to your size and fold it in half in the width to reveal the half-dos. Place your folded fabric in half and draw the outline of your t-shirt as on the diagram down 15cm under the armhole. Then cut the shape of the half-dos once in the fold.
2. Place your half-dos on the fabric folded in half and draw your half in front by lengthening the body approximately 12cm. Then cut your half-deserving in your fabric.

Carry out the facing

3. The facing is a piece of fabric that you assemble to your main fabric to make pretty finishes, generally at the level of the neck. Very simple to sew, this technique will allow you to make clean finishes for necklines.
To do this, take your half-dos boss piece and then decal a strip 8cm wide along the neck as indicated on the diagram.

4. Repeat the operation for the half-cutting neckline to be cut in double.

5. Measure the bottom of your half-dos and multiply the by 3.
Example: 50cm x 3 = 150cm
Then cut a strip of 150cm x 40cm. You can adjust the length of your Basque depending on your size or extend it 90cm to create a dress!

Make the sleeve bracelets

6. Measure the armhole of your top and then multiply the par2.
Example: 20cm x 2 = 40cm
Then cut two 40cm x 8cm bands to create the reverse of your blouse.

7. Assemble the two small lapel strips on the side.

8. Fold them in two with a bit towards height and iron them.

Assemble the top

9. Assemble your back and your two half-deiers by the shoulders at 1cm.

10. Assemble your back facing and two facilities in front of 1cm.

11. Assemble the facing your neckline against the place at 1cm.

12. Fear the sewing margins every centimeter for a better rounded. Return your facing inside and go back to the good in place.

Assemble the sleeve bracelets

13. Assemble place against the basis of the back and in front of 1cm. Then put the sewing margins.

14. Assemble the sleeve bracelet on the back of your 1cm armhole. Then cut the sewing margins at 0.5cm.

15. Turn your sleeve bracelet over the place and go back to keep it in place. You can sew with one point in hand under the arm and on the shoulder to make sure it does not turn around.

16. Try your top to make sure you fall and measure the ideal crossing between the two half-deserves. Epinglez then sew the crossing 0.5cm from the edge to keep it in place.

Assemble the Basque

17. Assemble your Basque Place against the place by the small sides. We will now frown the Basque, for this make two seams parallel to 0.8cm then 0.5cm from the edge of your Basque by choosing on your sewing machine the longest point is about 4mm without making a stop at the start And at the end of your seam. Pull on the threads aside to frown your fabric.

18. Place your Basque Place against your top by pinning regularly to adjust the width of your Basque to your top. Finish by making your Basque hem.

Your pretty Basque blouse is now ready to be put on!

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