A leather bag to make for Mother's Day

A leather bag "before", simple, practical, timeless ... Do not look for and do it yourself! We have found you for Saint Peter coupons Superb leather skins in perfect camel. We wanted to offer you to make a bag for Mother's Day. I took up the challenge (because I had never sewn leather!) And I admit to being the first amazed! We would keep it well ...



Leather cutting

1 - Report the bag diagram to a large leaf or a card. Place the boss on the back of the leather skin and help yourself with your rule to trace with a tailor chalk the template of the bag. Then with the chalk trace on the reverse of the skin the two bands of the shoulder and the 2 laces. And cut.

2 - Leather is a material that requires some tips before starting. This skin is quite thick which gives it a beautiful outfit.

- TIP 1: Place a piece of Chatterton type adhesive tape on the sewing machine foot sole

- Tip 2: Place a leather needle on your machine.

Bag sewing

3 - Gather each side of the right place with the pliers and sting (arrow 1)

- renew the operation with the other side.

4 - Gather the bottom (arrow 2) Place against the place with the pliers and prick.

- renew the operation for the other side.

Bag lace

5 - Make on each side of the bag with the 4 -hole clip at a distance of 8 cm each and 4 cm from the edge. If you make 6, your bag will be bucket bucket.

6 - Gather the two laces with a node that can be adjusted at the end. Pass the lace while keeping the knot on the back and in the center of the back. You should take out each end of the lace in each of two central holes in the face of the bag.

The shoulder strap

7 - Place the two strips of the shoulder strap with the right -back and fix with the pliers. Machine stitching by holding the strip well so that the seam is straight. The points are visible, it is a "saddler" seam.

8 - Return the bag to the place.

- Put on a thread and sew the shoulder hand on the side in the center of the seam.

- Tip for sewing leather take a sewing dice or/and a piece of leather to push your needle. This is the most sporty step.

9- Cut the excess wires.

10 - Close your bag with the lace and adjust if necessary inside.

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