A DIY pocket that has nothing to hide!

The transparent pocket offers a trip, from the beaches to the pavement through our Couture workshop!

The Saint Peter coupons You offer an interpretation with a smoked and twisted PVC of a thick zip and a flashy over-piquor. Your pocket dares to reveal everything even its content and if sometimes we will prefer to keep your objects discreetly, then we will slide a homemade printed fabric pocket.


1 meter of smoked PVC

A coil of matching wire

A coil of flashy colored wire, here rosy

An injected closure of 30 cm

Clover pliers or drawing pliers (no pins to avoid holes)

A sewing machine

An adhesive tape type Chatterton or sparadrap with a thick cloth effect.

Sewing equipment

A ballpoint pen


1 - Report the scheme of the cover to your coupon with a ballpoint pen and cut.

PVC pocket tutorial diagram

2 - PVC is a material that requires some tips before starting. PVC tends to join plastic surfaces.

-Stuce 1: Place a piece of Chatterton type adhesive tape on the soles of sewing machine feet: the zipper and the normal foot.

-Astuce 2: When you bite with the machine, make sure that the PVC does not stick to the apron of your machine and lift the PVC canvas permanently.

-Astuce 3: Position your machine voltage as much as possible

3- Place the zipper:

-Aput your PVC canvas facing you and place on the end to the zipper right -of -the -side place on the edge of the canvas, making sure to center the zipper and then fix with the pliers.

-Place your foot closing previously taped (tip 1).

-Commencer by the side of the zipper closing closure with the 3 mm clip (and not on the side of the cursor).

-Preate the precaution of removing the pliers as the bitter. The trick is to open the closure with the cursor before finishing, planting your needle and lifting the doe foot to slide the cursor and finish the open closure bit.

-For the second side of the closure, place the other side edge on board with the other side of the PVC place against the place and fix with the pliers. Pin by starting with the side with the closure and open the closure with the cursor before finishing, planting its needle and lifting the doe foot to slide the cursor and finish the open closure bit.

-Expensive to open the closure to be able to return your kit.

4 - As this canvas is thick, we will make a stitching which will bring an additional aesthetic touch with a contrasting color wire.

-More the canvas flat and make a stitching with the closure foot on the 0.8mm place on the edge of the closure.

5- Sew the sides, you can use a dark wire or play with a flashy wire.

-Fix the normal foot (taped).

-Reunnir place against the place C and D the pliers and sting.

-Wish the operation with the other side.

-E1 and E2 forms more than one side.

-Reunnir place against the sides E and F with the pliers and sting.

-Wish the operation for the other side.

6- Cut the wires and the excess canvas and return to the place.

7 - Customization ideas:

-Coller des Adhesive patches (be careful not to place the iron, the PVC melts!).

-Rasted a homemade pompom to the cursor.

-In courtyard of one of the sides, we could add a strap.

-Realize pockets in tissue With our small coupons in 50x50cm and slide them inside to hide the objects inside and play with different patterns.


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