A “simple” round towel to make

To the coupons of Saint Peter, Alice is preparing her suitcases for the beach so I wanted to give her a gift. A round beach towel as we see everywhere this summer. In less than 1 hour, it is "simple" to make and very light to travel. Pompoms are an additional touch to make in front of the TV.


  • Two coupons of 3 meters of cotton and of double gauze
  • Of the wire reels matching
  • Sewing equipment and a sewing machine: wire cut, pair of scissors, chalk ...


1-Deposit of pieces of fabric

  • The coupons are in Laize 140cm.
  • Cut a square of 140 x140 cm.
  • Fold this square in half then in half.

2- Realization of the rounding

  • Spin down the corners to maintain the fabric.
  • With your sewing meter, set a chalk brand 68 cm from the corner of the folded fabric.
  • Slide the meter from right to left (like the needles of a dial) by keeping it on the angle, and always scores at 68 cm.
  • Form the rounding with the chalk brands.
  • Cut the 4 thicknesses following the rounding.

  • Repeat with the other coupon.

3- Prick the fabrics

  • Place your fabric circles against the place and pin vertically with seam.
  • Prick with the sewing machine the circle tower 0.5cm from the edge. Keep an opening of 10cm.
  • Turn over the towel through the opening
  • Iron to flatten the edges well.
  • Close to the sewing machine the opening with a straight point or by hand with an invisible point.

Your towel is ready to go to the beach!

As I had a little time, I made pompoms with threads of different colors.

4- Creation of pompoms

We have different methods for making its pompoms. With a cardboard on the length of the pompom we turn around then we make a knot at one end, cut at the other end and we ride several times at 0.5cm from the end to make the loop.

I prefer to wrap my 3 wires (around 20 laps each) around 4 fingers of the hand. Then I delicately remove the rolled up. I pinch at 0.5cm from one ends and I make my wire wrapped (about 10 laps) to form the loop. I finish by cutting the other end to open the pompoms.

Installation of pompoms with passers -by

  • With the fabric falls, make a 10 cm x 1.5 cm strip.
  • Hem the strip over the length with an iron (not necessary to sew it)
  • Cut the band into 4 to train the 4 passers -by.
  • Slide the passers -by in the pompom loop with a sight.
  • With the confusion, open 1cm in the seams on 4 corners of the towel and put on passers-by with their pompoms.
  • Prick the passing through the towel while closing the openings.

Happy holidays Alice!

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